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Sitefinity Development Services

Sitefinity is run on such an amazingly flexible technology that it can be manipulated to conform to whatever vision a company has for their website.

Sitefinity CMS is a flexible ASP.NET-based content management platform that is used for the construction and management of commercial websites, community portals, intranets, etc. The product's architecture leverages the .NET development patterns, including Master Pages, templates, standard and user controls, themes and CSS. Sitefinity CMS is engineered with flexibility and extensibility in mind to give developers the freedom they need to integrate legacy applications or use custom 3rd party controls and modules.

We offer a full spectrum of Sitefinity services, including the design, construction, management and support of public and commercial websites, portals, corporate intranets, etc.

Benefits :
  • Relevance through content personalization
  • Intuitive "drag and drop" interface
  • Ability to centrally manage multiple sites
  • Extensive out of the box features
  • Naturally SEO-friendly pages
  • Extendible with .NET technology

 Contact us for more information about Sitefinity Development Services by mailing us at info@webstainz.com