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Magento Module Installation

All our extensions come with an automatic installer, but it might not work on some server configurations and when Magento software is customized. We offer paid installation services. If you feel that you might have troubles with installing our extensions, we advise that you order professional installation services before you encounter problems.

Please note that the installation price covers up to one hour of work and is good for up to 2 extensions* at a time. The installation is considered complete when extension is running on client’s Magento as indicated in the product description.

We can search better Magento extension / Magento Modules from thousands of available Magento extension/modules for you. We can also install the Magento extension on your store and also integrate the design layout so it will match with your store. We are expert to fix any confict issue regarding the extensions with other extensions.

Magento Modules are professionally and carefully designed to make sure your store conversion goes up. All Magento addons are installed and configured within few minutes. These modules allow you to concentrate on primary business tasks while increasing your profits.

Benefits of hiring Magento installation developer :

  • Faster execution time of projects
  • · Consistent monitoring and tracking
  • · Complete data security
  • · Professional services at competitive rates
  • · 100% Flexible hiring plans
  • · Prompt Communication
  • · Efficient solutions
  • · Global delivery model

 Contact us for more information about Magento Module Installation by mailing us at info@webstainz.com