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Drupal Module Development

When we run into a client requirement that cannot be solved with current Drupal Modules and extensions we don’t hesitate to find an answer, we build it ourselves. If there isn’t a module that can solve the problem, our experts build our own solution and contribute this module to the community for other to use.

What is a module?
In short, a module is an extension of the Core (basic) Drupal platform. Say you buy a car that has its basic features (this is the core). When you buy other accessories for the car such as; remote start, snow tires, nicer radio, you extend the cars functionality. This is what a module does with Drupal, adds functionality to a basic website.

Keys to Sound Drupal Module Development:

Accurately accessing the Drupal core through well defined events to trigger the hook. This allows the module to run faster, increasing performance and enhancing the core’s function. Simple functionality extension that solves a desired functionality requirement without affecting others. Bug free modules that have been thoroughly tested.

 Contact us for more information about Drupal Module Development by mailing us at info@webstainz.com