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Benefits :

  • Using blogs and bloggers as a great way to make people aware of your products / services brand and to create buzz
  • Potentially increases overall site traffic
  • Blogs can be used to build personal and corporate credibility that will eventually attract customers
  • Blogs and bloggers are a great venue to market product / service promotions
  • Blogs and bloggers can provide website interaction with your visitors or potential customers
  • Blogs can easily integrate with the other social media mediums (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) for additional interaction and networking

These are only some of the ways Blog Optimization can drive successful results to your SEO project.

Persuasive, entertaining blogs that are written with your website keywords in mind is one of the best ways to rank and maintain high rankings on Google.

At Webstainz, our writing team includes experienced bloggers and writers who can not only write your blogs, but directly post to your blog as well. We’ll write a 300 word post (or 500+, depending on your level of SEO needed) that will include search engine optimization with your keywords and creative language that your blog visitors will enjoy to read. As you know, blog writing is a time-taking skill that isn’t for everyone. The most effective posts will have eye-catching titles, answer questions, address problems, and include creative content writing

As you may already know, a well written blog will :

  • Build Traffic
  • Increase credibility
  • Establish you as an expert, and
  • Allow you to connect more with your customers

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